Some Tests

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Last week, I reevaluated my marketplace positioning through 4 online electronic lancing sites:

  1. Freelancer
  2. oDesk
  3. Elance
  4. guru

I had little, if any, difficulty cruising through the tests, as anyone pursuing career as native developer should.

They did remind me how vast the language is however… Classes, templates, streams, storage classes, type specifiers, pointers, inheritance, abstract bases, operators and overloading, etc. All this compressed within roughly half-an-hour tests.

Working within any given project, one can stay used to only small subset of these. So, once every few questions, some question would come up that ‘d make me think. And thinking inside deadline is hard, even if it’s just test deadline. To reach out at one’s full potential necessitates some afterthought on the different language constructs. Successful developers are constrained either by NDAs or time, so I thought I might as well try myself.

Those who have interacted with the committee in some form have authority content online. Relatively, the content herein may need amending from time to time. I am just tying the ends on my side to form loop connecting my relearning progress with the things that cause me struggle.

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